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The Agle family
The Ater family
Ahlm Family and sister Patty
Jan Armstrong
Patricia Anderson
Denise Bauer
Caroline Beekman
Bill and Barbara Benston
Don Beougher
Rick Bierley
The Bierley Family
Jody Black
Edie Boswell
Betty Bross
Daron Carradine
Ron and Diane Chapman
Cindy Chesnut's brother Terry
Riley Cochran
Toni Conway
Richard Cousin
Eileen Crist
Jim Cutler
Paul Day
Janet Digel
Richard Dolbeer
Amy Donovan
Carol Emerih
Paula Feldner and her daughter
Nick & Lori Ferguson
Bob Foster
Cassie Frost
Terry Fry
James Fultz
Gabby Gibson
Stacey and Chris Gordon
Nancy Graves and family
Dave Hartley
Brent and Phyliss Hepp
Anne Hines and family
Don and June Hughes
Aaron and Heather Johnson
Bonnie Johnson
Terry Johnson's Sons
Jennifer Jordan
Josh, Katie and Addison
Joyce Kline
Linda Sue
Brielle Maynard and Ashley
Lorraine Merril
Elinor Morgan
Charles and Jean Myers
Chris Obrien
Frank and Tommie Otway
Bob and Helen Parker
The Phillips family
Cindy Pierson and family
Maryellen Purkey
Dinah Rammelsberg
Autumn Regula
The Reid Family
Rick L.
Robinn Ridder
Edna Roeder
Eric and Linda Sandoval

Jim Schimmoller
John Shuman and family
Ray Sickels
The family of Tom Smith
Helen Stalder
Brynne Stevenson
Tom and Sharon Stout
Sue Stucky
Marge Stumpf
Jon Sumpter
Eady Tallman sons
Kristine Thomas
Dorothy Timmons
Evan Wilson
The Witherow Family
The Woolie Family

Our Session, Deacons, Choirs, Presbyerian Women and our pastor and his family.

Prayers for Peace

Northminster's Military Men and Women
Please remember those serving our Country in your prayers

Sgt. Nicholas Bare - US Marines
Grandson of Dwilla Cramer
Currently stationed at Camp Pendleton, California

CLP Chad Barga - US Marines
Grandson of Andy and Marcia Barga
Stationed in Iraq
MWSS 372 Alpha Company
Unit 42020
FPOAP 96426-2020

Edward J. O'Neil - Lt. Col US Army
Son-in-law of Roy and Ruth Martin
Currently stationed in Okinawa Japan
Patriot Battalion Commander Kadena Air Force Base